Who is property managemenet software aimed at? Maintenance module.
Posted by Veiko Vostrjakov | 1 year ago
Fututec was established to solve an important problem. There was a need to improve the flow of information between the tenants, the owners of the property and the property management companies. If this flow is obstructed „bottlenecking“ can occur, which means some of the information will not be passed on to the interested parties, e.g. from the owner to the tenant and vice versa. This is likely to be a problem for thousands of estate agents and property management companies.
Why we are building Fututec
Posted by Veiko Vostrjakov | 2 years ago
In 2013 a Tehnopol incubator’s startup called Fututec introduced its vision about the system of real estate management and as our visions coincided, I decided to join their team in order to help with the development and to launch a real estate management system.
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