Whom is Fututec meant for?

Shopping centres

Shopping centres and management companies of shopping centres.

Office buildings

Office buildings, commercial buildings, business parks, etc.

Large buildings

Factories, warehouses, logistics parks, distribution centres, fairgrounds, stadiums, etc.

Maintenance module

The maintenance module makes it much easier to order maintenance works, provide information about the course of works, and report the completed works. The maintenance module enables to create an electronic logbook d) on every real estate object, technical system, device, and domain. This, in turn, improves collecting information on the maintenance works and storing data. In addition, it helps to analyze the data collected.


Statistics module for shopping centre

The statistics module of a shopping centre enables its tenants to communicate the agreed-upon economic figures to the management of the centre. Thus, the latter can make decisions on how to run the centre more effectively and how to help every tenant reach their maximum turnover possible.


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