Fututec was established to solve an important problem. There was a need to improve the flow of information between the tenants, the owners of the property and the property management companies. If this flow is obstructed „bottlenecking“ can occur, which means some of the information will not be passed on to the interested parties, e.g. from the owner to the tenant and vice versa. This is likely to be a problem for thousands of estate agents and property management companies.

Fututec maintenance module helps to solve these communication issues, and offers many other benefits.

  • Fututec maintenance module fascilitates online information exchange between property owners, tenants, service companies and estate agents;
  • the owner and the administrator have the option of describing all the rental properties, utilities, equipment related to the properties etc., and link them to different service providers;
  • the owner of the property and the administrator are able to provide access to the module for their tenants;
  • when adding a maintenance task to the system, it is possible to designate the properties, the utilities and the equipment that need to be serviced, assign priority to the tasks, describe the problem and include additional information (such as a text document or a photo);
  • once the tasks have been added to the system, all maintenance call-outs are automatically forwarded to the designated service providers;
  • all maintenance tasks are visible to the user, either in calendar view or in list format;
  • on the system, the service provider can log any tasks that have been completed, and if necessary, provide a full report of all the jobs that have been carried out;
  • all maintenance call-outs, reports and certificates are recorded on the electronic maintenance calendar;
  • Fututec’s maintenance module enables the client to view and search for files related to a specific user – including reports, tasks, reminders and entries in the maintenance calendar;
  • Fututec’s maintenance module enables the owner and the administrator to generate various reports regarding the maintenance tasks, and import them as a PDF file.

Fututec maintenance module is suitable for businesses who run real estate belonging to the company, or are contracted to administrate property belonging to others. The service module is also suited for companies who rent their properties to other companies.

It is simple to make things complicated, but it is complicated to keep things simple. I believe that the simplicity of Fututec service modules will positively surprise its users.