Hello! My name is Veiko and I’m a partner at an enterprise called Fututec.

I have been working with shopping centres for more than 20 years now. Those years have been educative, beneficial and definitely enjoyable for me.

Since 1996 I have been working with Port Artur’s team and together we have made numerous changes in the field of shopping centre’s administration. Since 2001 we have been measuring the number of visitors of shopping malls, since 2002 we have been collecting information about tenants in order to measure the effectiveness of shopping malls and in 2008 we implemented house guides on touch screens. In the management of real estate the shortcomings have been transmissions of information about maintenance operations between tenants and the owners. We have been looking for the perfect solution, but unfortunately have not stumbled upon a viable solution with reasonable price levels.

In 2013 a Tehnopol incubator’s startup called Fututec introduced its vision about the system of real estate management and as our visions coincided, I decided to join their team in order to help with the development and to launch a real estate management system.

Until now the managers of real estate use or have used two options, one of them called Excel and another – list of jobs that have been done. Our aim is to create simple and summarizing information system that can be used by all the people who are connected with the usage of real estate, management and ownership. The aim is to simplify the work of the managers of real estate, who are overwhelmed with information that must be exchanged between tenants and partners, planning, ordering and controlling of maintenance jobs.

Thus we started to develop Fututec – the easiest possible real estate management system. Our system enables the tenant to send to the owner messages about maintenance, managers to send tasks to the partners; partners to inform the owners and tenants about the duration of maintenance and forward bills. As the system includes data about the details of the real estate and its technical information, you will have electronic diaries of everything and thanks to the printing integration you can even present it to the fire department. 

Thanks to the Fututec system you have a better overview of everything and the manager of your real estate can manage larger real estate portfolio.

As with every new tool, many questions might arise on how to take the most out of it. Thus we will be writing about the Fututec management system in our blog. Add this page as a bookmark; follow our feed on LinkedIn and tweets on Twitter.

We can say with great honour that Fututec currently has 6 clients who are using our system in managing their real estate.

I recommend you to get in touch with me in order to take part in the game! We can offer trial period that will not cost you anything. Please bear in mind that we have not finished with the development of the system and we constantly work to provide efficient and easiest possible solutions on how to manage your real estate.

You have a chance to take part in our doings by commenting below this post or by sending me an email. I am looking forward to your questions, proposals or feedback!